Weekend Project: Jewelry Organization

I tackled a fun project this weekend: reorganizing my jewelry collection!

I had been on the look out for quite some time for fun ways to organize/display my jewelry. I trolled the internet for cute jewelry trees, boxes, or trays, but nothing really captivated me.

While searching, I stumbled upon this closet and thought this system was fantastic:

Courtesy of moth-design.com

But I couldn’t find a tiered jewelry tray that was nearly as cute as that Tiffany Blue one!

Then a few months ago, I spotted these framed corkboards at Homesense and thought they would be perfect for hanging my necklaces. I hung them up in my Makeup Room (yes I got a whole room to myself for my clothes, makeup, jewelry, and shoes – that’s the beauty of having no children…yet!).

IMG_0758 IMG_0760

I previously purchased this egg tray from Anthropologie to hold my earrings (I stole the idea from some other blogs):

So I decided to try and find other cute trays to hold the rest of my earrings and bracelets. I was thinking glass dishes or vintage-looking china bowls.  Yesterday, I popped into Value Village and another second hand store to see what I could find. It was my lucky day because all of these glass dishes came home with me for under $20:


This is how it all came together:








Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the display is quite practical too because it allows me to see all the pieces in my collection easily which makes it more likely that I will wear each piece more often!

Thanks all for reading!

Weekend Project: Prettying Up The Pantry

Although February is over, I am forging ahead with my complete home re-organization efforts. This weekend, I tackled the pantry. It was just me, the label maker, and a whole lotta non-perishables on Saturday night! I know what you’re thinking – this girl sure knows how to part-ay!

In an ideal world, my pantry would look like this:

Courtesy of countryliving.com

Or this:

Courtesy of feastingathome.com

Unfortunately, not everything in my pantry is the same colour, nor do I think that’s very realistic. I mean, the Primo chick peas have to live somewhere!

Let’s have a look at the pantry before:


I am blessed with a very spacious pantry (it even has two doors – one leads to the mudroom which is handy for putting away groceries). The downside is that more space means more junk, as you can tell!

Step 1: I emptied the entire contents of my pantry.

My poor kitchen looked like this:



Step 2: I vacuumed and washed every shelf and the floor.

Step 3: I threw out old/expired food.

Adios rock hard marshmallows and potatoes with limbs! I also found a new home for anything that didn’t belong in the pantry, but ended up getting shoved in there out of convenience (i.e. laziness).

Step 4: I put everything back in the pantry in some sort of organized fashion.

I made 3 trips to Wal-mart throughout the weekend to purchase various storage vessels (I cleared all the product off the shelves!). I stored baking supplies, nuts, and dried fruit in glass jars and pasta, beans, and other grains in metal tins. I had previously organized my spices in little magnetic tins. That system works really well so I didn’t change it. I already had the baskets, but stole some of them from my linen closet (which is now a big mess)! They store items like cookbooks, napkins, and extra baking stuff. Then, the fun part: labelling with my trusty label maker!

Here’s the finished product:



Eventually, I would like to put the oils, vinegars, and wines in new bottles and place them on rotating trays. I would also like to repaint the walls and use some leftover wallpaper for the areas between the shelves. All in good time because getting this far was enough for one weekend!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you had a lovely weekend!