Chez Sharah Is Moving!

We unexpectedly purchased a new house at the end of November so chez sharah will be moving this spring!
Since moving back to our hometown a few years ago, my husband has dreamed of having a home that backed onto a beautiful coulee landscape. Unfortunately, buying an undeveloped lot like that in our city is almost impossible. We would have to buy an existing home and do extensive renovations if we wanted to live on the coulees. We kind of gave up on the idea, but my husband continued trolling MLS in case the right place came up for sale. Lo and behold, this house popped up this past October:


When my husband showed me the listing, I was skeptical. I loved our current house, I didn’t want the hassle of moving, and this new house was twice the size of our current home! What did we need all that space for?! I grudgingly agreed to go and look at it. After we looked at, we hummed and hawed for a week before deciding to make an offer. We were pretty overwhelmed to find a house that we could potentially stay in forever at only 30 years old (and no sign of kids yet!).
Fast forward two months later and the house is ours! So, now what? Major renovation time! The house was built in 1990. Although in excellent condition, it is outdated and in need of a facelift. The renovations begin next week and our contractor tells us they will be done mid-April. We will continue living in our current home in the meantime. Here’s what’s happening over the next few months:
  • Replace all the doors, baseboards, and casings
  • Scrape the ceilings and re-texturize
  • Paint the whole house (except the basement)
  • Replace all the carpet on the main floor and upstairs
  • Gut and re-do the kitchen
  • Gut and re-do the master bathroom/walk-in closet
  • Gut and re-do another bathroom and the powder room
So, without further adieu, here are pictures of the house in it’s current condition:

Main Floor


UpstairsUpstairs_1 Upstairs_2 Upstairs_3 Upstairs_4 Upstairs_5 Upstairs_6Upstairs_8 Upstairs_9 Upstairs_10 Upstairs_11Upstairs_13


135 6 8107

We are not doing any renovations to the basement for now. We will eventually fix it up when we need the space.
Now, time to play a game! Did you spot the following:
  • Carpet in the master bathroom?
  • Oak…everywhere?
  • Brass…everywhere?
  • The indoor hot tub?
  • The salmon and blue blinds?
Well, it’s all gotta go! I’ll sell the bad ass blinds to the highest bidder! Stay tuned as we reno this place from top to bottom! And don’t worry, I’ll still continue to do my little weekend projects and organization projects too!
Thanks for reading!Β 

2 comments on “Chez Sharah Is Moving!

  1. Rosemary Gregoire says:

    Guess where the family functions will be held now? πŸ˜‰

  2. Shauntelle says:

    It’s a beautiful home! You’re going to have so much fun renovating and I can’t wait to see the transformation. πŸ™‚

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