Oh Christmas Tree(s)

I went a little crazy this year and put up three trees in my house. Two of them are only little four footers though so it’s really only like two, right?

The “main” tree goes up in the living room every year. It’s a pre-lit fake tree, but I add another few strands of lights because I like a really bright tree. The decorations actually coordinate perfectly with the colour scheme in the living room. That was a bit of fluke as the first Christmas in the house, we had no furniture in the living room yet. What can I say? I am predictable. This was the first tree in our home in 2010 (it was our one and only real tree before we went fake):



The second tree I put up is a little tree dating back to my university days that my mom bought my sister and me from Michael’s when we were roomies. She was dubbed the “Ice Princess” because of the ice blue decorations we used to deck her out in. She has undergone many makeovers over the years and is currently rocking a peacock blue and gold theme. In fact, I think I will even add some peacock feathers this year.


This year, I got a bee in my bonnet that I needed a white Christmas tree.  I feel like they are making a comeback (yes? no? maybe?). There was a fantastic 7 foot one at Canadian Tire, but by the time I went to purchase it, they were sold out! I had to settle for a cheap four foot one from Wal-mart which is still pretty cute. I put it in my makeup room and made it super girly.  I think it might be the new Ice Princess.


The rest of the house is decked out too and I will share more with you as we get closer to Christmas!

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit as much as I am (it’s hard not to with 25 cm of freshly fallen snow on the ground)!

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