Shabby Chic TV unit makeover

I am pleased to introduce to you today my older sister, Karissa, who did a really cool DIY project recently and agreed to do a guest post about it.  Karissa is a wife, mother of two darling boys, and a teacher. Like me, she decorates and DIYs in her free time. Her and her family recently moved into a home built in the 80’s which has charged her reno-ing and decorating genes into overdrive. Enjoy!


I am honoured to be a guest today at chez sharah. Projects have been in our blood since our Mom began making projects in the 80’s and 90’s involving ribbon roses, glue guns, and needlepoint.

Some years ago we purchased this corner tv unit. My husband finished it with a polyurethane coat.  Pretty basic, pretty boring.


I had a vision of turning the unit into a china cabinet. This would require a major makeover and a brand new look.

First, I made my own chalk paint using Behr in Stone Fence and Plaster of Paris. Find the recipe here

Here is the entire base painted with one coat:
Base Coat
When I had finished painting the entire unit, the doors looked boring to me, so I added some white paint to my chalkpaint mixture and made a lighter shade. This is what it looked like after I added a lighter border:
Bottom door
My wonderful father in law used a plunge router to cut the centres out of the top doors.

I went to see some knowledgeable gentlemen at the hardware store and chose a chicken wire that was square instead of the usual hexagonal shape. My husband cut the chicken wire with wire cutters (never would have guessed, huh?). He then attached the wire to the inside of the doors.  We put the doors back on, added some crystal knobs, and mounted a light in the top of the cabinet to add some light.

Everyone was a little skeptical when I described my vision of transforming a yellow oak tv unit into a china cabinet! I stuck to my vision and made it happen!


5 comments on “Shabby Chic TV unit makeover

  1. Love it! By why did you use Chalk paint instead of regular paint? Whats the benefits/differences? I have yet to figure this out!!

    • glamgirls39 says:

      Chalk paint is so wonderful because unlike latex paint, you don’t have to sand or prep the surface. Just start painting! Plus, you can pretty much paint any surface with it. It covers really well and usually you only need 1 or 2 coats depending on the look you are going for.

      • Hmm…well is it glossy? Or does the poly-stuff take care of that?

      • glamgirls39 says:

        It is a very rough finish. It feels really “chalky”. I finish it with a coat of wax. I am by no means an expert so check out Annie Sloan Chalkpaint or Van Gogh Chalkpaint. You don’t have to add a coat of wax, but it makes it more durable and softer to the touch. I used the wax from Van Gogh Chalkpaint. I made my own and I’ve used bought Chalkpaint. Both work well. It just depends on convenience. Mixing it in batches can be time consuming.

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