Fun With Terrariums


“A sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown.”

I am in the midst of a little decoration project in my work office (more on that to come). I wanted a few living things in my office (besides myself, of course!). I opted for a low maintenance terrarium. It was easy to put together and spruces up my working space. If you want to create your own terrarium, you will need the following supplies:
  • A glass container
  • Pebbles
  • Soil (I used a cactus mix but this will depend on the plants you choose)
  • Sand
  • Plants (I used a mix of succulents and cacti, but you can use ferns and mosses instead)IMG_1351IMG_1352

Step 1: Place pebbles in the bottom of the glass container

Step 2: Fill container with soil
Step 3: Add plants (If you’re planting cacti, I recommend some gloves…
Hindsight is always 20/20)
Step 4: Add sand until the soil is completely covered.
It’s that easy and here’s the finished product:
IMG_1363 IMG_1365

You are supposed to keep it in indirect sunlight and water it with a dropper every so often. We’ll see how successful I am at keeping them alive! My co-worker liked it so much, he asked me to make him a terrarium! When I finish up my whole office project, I will share that with you too!

Thanks for reading!

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