Target, je t’aime!

Target finally decided to grace Canada with its presence and I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival since the company announced its expansion into the Canadian market in 2011.

The location nearest me opened its doors on July 16. I, along with 4 of my girlfriends, gave it a warm welcome by spending 2 and half hours perusing (i.e. pillaging) every department!

Was there some damage done? Hell, yeah!

IMG_1131 IMG_1132

I was so pumped, as soon we started walking through the store, I kept exclaiming, “I’m so happy!” over and over.


So would you like to look at the goodies I picked up? I thought so!


Three summer dresses, a fedora (to protect my dye job from the sun) and a stripey beach bag


Two bedside lamps for my guest bedroom (I am thinking of stencilling a pattern on the shades with black paint to spruce them up a bit)


Drink dispenser for entertaining


Decorative mirror – I think its home above the bar cart is perfect!

I now must force myself to stay away so I don’t do any further damage to my bank account!

Thanks for reading!

2 comments on “Target, je t’aime!

  1. poppyandjade says:

    Wow so glad Canada finally got a Target! I couldn’t fathom not having one here close to me. Within just a couple of miles I have a handful to choose from as well as one just 10 minutes away. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin though so I can remember what it was like not having one close by and having to drive for 45 minutes to get to one. Target is so perfect at combining functional pieces with really stylish design!

    Happy shopping!

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