My name is Sharah and I am a basket-aholic.

That’s right, I am addicted, obsessed  and enthralled with baskets. They are all over my house and I can’t stop myself from buying more whenever I’m out. For the sole purpose of this post, I walked around my whole house and took an inventory of all my baskets  – 58 baskets and counting…

Why do I love baskets so much? Well, I’m glad you asked!

To put it eloquently, they hide shit! They make any closet, storage area, or cabinet instantly look organized and pretty (even if you’ve just shoved a bunch of random stuff in them that really doesn’t go together). In the words of my wise BFF:

Baskets are indeed an organizer’s best weapon.

I like this quote because it makes me feel like I’m an organizational superhero! In fact, my favourite brand of baskets is called Clutter Busters….Isn’t that a great superhero name for a neat freak like myself?

Allow me to demonstrate the organizational power of baskets in “Before/After” picture form:

basketcase1 basketcase2


And just so you can really get an idea of the extent of my problem, here’s a sampling of my basket collection:

basketcase4 basketcase5Now, go out and buy yourself some baskets – I know I have instilled an intense desire in each and every one of you!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mother’s Day to my mama and all the other awesome mamas out there!

One comment on “Basketcase

  1. Autism Mom Praying In The Storm says:

    You have a real talent with the baskets. They do make an awesome difference. Thanks for the post and God bless.

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