A Decorating Story

Renovations can be expensive, not to mention a huge pain in the butt (just the thought of the mess they create increases my blood pressure)! That’s why I want to encourage everyone that you can still transform your living space with just a little decorating.

I (and by “I”, I mean the professional painters I hire) am on my way to re-painting every wall in my house since moving in three years ago, but some rooms are still completely untouched by any renovating.  This includes the powder room which you guys caught a glimpse of a few weeks ago. This is what it looks like stripped down to its bare bones:

photo1 photo2 photo3

My house is only about 7 years old and this bathroom is in great condition so I don’t really want to pump a bunch of money into changing it. But, if you guys haven’t figured it out yet, the brown/beige/oak scheme is definitely not my bag. I have done my best with decorating though and I think it has made a huge difference:





Everything in the powder room (except the candle) is either from Winners or Homesense (Canada’s equivalents to T.J. Maxx and Homegoods) and cost me less than $200 in total. Not bad, huh?

I would still like to paint this room, but haven’t picked out any colours yet. I could be really boring and go for grey which is my go to colour:

Pelican Gray by Benjamin Moore

I am also tossing around the idea of a pale blue/green and chocolate brown, separated by a chair or plate rail:

Bittersweet Chocolate by Benjamin Moore

Well, I don’t really have to make a decision until I finally getting around to calling a painter again. I’ll throw that on my never-ending To Do List!

Thanks for reading everyone and hope you had a great weekend!!

One comment on “A Decorating Story

  1. Rosemary Gregoire says:

    I like chocolate brown and pale blue in decorating (which is funny because I can’t wear either colour in clothing). Pale blue would be nice in a bathroom because of “water”.

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