Cheap and Easy Art

Did I have you at cheap or easy? Or both?!

Well, I have the simplest idea for high impact art! What is it? Wait for it….NAPKINS!

Yes, I threw some el cheapo paper napkins in pictures frames and am now passing it off as art! I bought some delightful napkins from Superstore last summer with the hopes of framing them. Fast forward 10 months and I’ve finally done it! I picked up the frames and mats from Michael’s for pretty cheap as well ($46.37 all in).





These bad boys are jazzing up the walls in my main floor powder room (please ignore the rest of the room – this space is fairly low on the reno list).

If you are doubting the simplicity of this project, let me break it down for you:

Step 1: Buy napkins, frames, and mats (optional).

Step 2: Cut the mats to size.*

Step 3: Unfold napkin and cut edges to fit into frame. Tape onto mat.

Step 4: Replace backing of the picture frame.

Step 5: Measure and hammer nail into place.

Step 6: Re-measure and re-hammer nail because you messed up the first time.*

*Steps 2 and 6 can be omitted if you’ve got mad math/measuring skills (I do not).


I’ve got some interesting projects coming up – a bathroom reno and some furniture updates for the bonus room so stay tuned. Thanks for reading peeps!!

3 comments on “Cheap and Easy Art

  1. Lynell says:

    Always great! Need you to dress me and decorate my house!

  2. Kevin k says:

    Don’t you dare….. 🙂

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