For the record…

I’ve been on the hunt for a piece of furniture to hold our recently acquired record player and ever growing record collection. This was the previous arrangement:

IMG_0676 IMG_0678

I call it floor chic.

Seriously, the cluttered corner was driving me crazy!  The breaking point for me was when I leaning over to change the record (I believe I was putting on Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys) and I bonked my head on our mantle. It startled me and I immediately squatted back down and did something wonky to my thigh which prevented me from working out for about 5 days. That’s when I declared, “We need a better set-up than this” at which point in time, my husband’s pupil’s filled with dollar signs.

I was looking for something with shelves to  accommodate the size of the records – I wanted to line them them up rather than stack them. I spotted this walnut bar cabinet on Crate and Barrel’s website and thought it might work:

But it was $1,000 and then I would have to pay for shipping…..I wasn’t willing to spend that much money so I put my hunt on the back burner.

We were in Crate and Barrel this weekend and my husband spotted the perfect piece. AND – it was in the clearance section! A quick Google search of “standard size of a record” on my iPhone confirmed that I could store the records vertically. Perfect! One credit card swipe and a quick loading into my SUV later and we were in business!

This is the piece in the living room:


Does it look familiar? Yup, it’s the same one I spotted on their website and we scored it for $600! I had no idea it was the same one until I got it home and found the saved picture on my computer! That’s what I call destiny, people!

It stores the records, the record player, and the Bose SoundDock perfectly (just need to drill some holes in the back to feed the cords through):


Shall we admire it from afar?

IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0697

An organization project and decorating project all rolled into one? That’s my idea of a rockin’ weekend!

Thanks for reading!!

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