A Work In Progress

Let me introduce you to another room in my home: The Bonus Room (I think I could come up with a more clever name than that)…

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602

This was the first fully furnished room in the house when we moved in because we used all our previously owned furniture. The scheme was warm colours –  reds, browns, and greens. The problem was that the room didn’t really flow with the rest of the house so I recently began the process of redecorating it. At the moment, it looks a little bit like a dog’s breakfast!

I purchased these pillow covers from the Pillow People on Etsy and they have inspired the colour scheme for the whole  room:

seesaw pillow

I have big plans to do the following:

– Paint (I am thinking Rain Dance by Benjamin Moore)

-Replace the coffee table

– Get new artwork

– Redecorate the book shelves

– Put roman blinds on the windows

– Get new lamps for the sidetables

I put together this mood board to give you an idea what I eventually want to do with this room. This coffee table is from West Elm and I think it is fabulous! It’s fairly reasonably priced, but I need to figure out how exorbitant their shipping costs to Canada are before I fall in love with it!

OB-Bonus Room

Stay tuned as I keep you updated with the progress of this room!

2 comments on “A Work In Progress

  1. Helen says:

    I am in love with BM Raindance too… have been considering it for El Panada! I love the gray blues…

  2. Kevin K. says:

    We have a room waiting for you… just FYI! I will even allow it to be a blog topic…

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