Where The Magic Happens Part I

On MTV Cribs, whenever the celebrity leads the audience to the master bedroom, they always say, “And this is where the magic happens.” I am not sure what kind of magic they are referring to (wink wink nudge nudge ) BUT I am referring to yet another amazing transformation in my crib.  I’m going to talk about the master bedroom in two parts because there’s a lot to tell you and I don’t want this post to go on forever.

When we moved into the house, the master looked like this:


(this isn’t our furniture – this was one of the pictures in the real estate listing)

And then there was this atrocity:


What can I say about this? Well, I guess I don’t like the idea of taking a dump in a bathroom without a door. It kind of ruins the magic when your spouse accidentally barges in on you. I’ll leave it at that.

Needless to say, we closed in the master ensuite and added a pocket door so that it now looks like this:


Once that was done, it was really just a matter of a decorating it to my taste. I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge Sarah Richardson fan and I took my inspiration from this room she did several years ago on Design Inc.:

Courtesy of designinc.ca

Courtesy of designinc.ca

I love the yellow and grey colour scheme. I was so infatuated with the wallpaper that Sarah used that I tracked it down and purchased it myself. The wallpaper is by Cole & Son and it’s called “Rajapur”.  I found it online and discovered that the best price was through a UK company Fabrics & Papers. Here’s a better view of the wallpaper:


We painted the walls “Spider’s Web” by ICI Dulux Paint (which matches the lighter colour in the wallpaper) and then wallpapered the wall which the bed sits against.

Medicine Hat-20120107-00084

(sorry, the picture was taken on an old cell phone and it’s not the best quality).

I had the drapes custom made with a fabric that I purchased from Fabric.com (I love this website – great deals and you can almost always find a discount by googling “fabric.com promo code”).


The only things to do after were this were replace the headboard, finish furnishing the room, and add some artwork – I will share that with you next week.  Thanks for reading!

Also, would anyone like me to list the places where I bought my furniture/accessories?

5 comments on “Where The Magic Happens Part I

  1. Julie Ma says:

    Looks great! Did you do the wallpapering yourself? I want to wallpaper one wall in our master bedroom – just like you did actually – but I’m not sure what it entails. Would you suggest hiring someone?

    • sharah says:

      We did do the wallpapering ourselves. And by “we”, I mean Andrew and his dad. I don’t think it was all that difficult but it depends on the paper you buy. I would have rathered hired somebody but we couldn’t find anyone in the Hat to do it. Hope that helps?!

  2. I think it looks WONDERFUL! That wall paper is amazing. Awesome job!

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