Welcome to Chez Sharah

Hi Folks! Welcome to Chez Sharah or “the home of Sharah” (that’s me)!

It seems my house is always a work in progress whether I am renovating, redecorating, or reorganizing. After following many design blogs over the last few years, I decided that blogging would be a fun way to chronicle my never-ending design journey.

Then I got thinking, why limit myself to just design? Why not blog about entertaining, fashion, makeup, food, wine, cats, and barbies too? Now, I am just  rattling off random nouns – I doubt I’ll be blogging about cats or barbies, but never say never (I learned that from my homeboy, Justin Bieber). So, at the risk of frightening you all away, I declare that this blog is really about all things Sharah (shoot, I’ve scared many of you away already, haven’t I?). Well, for those of you still reading, I hope you enjoy and find a little inspiration as well.

One comment on “Welcome to Chez Sharah

  1. […] were oak, the countertops were laminate and the colour of cat barf (oh look, I am talking about cats!), the backsplash was the same porcelain tile as what was previously on the fireplace, and all the […]

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